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Clubs & Activities


Choir (Grades 3-6)

Students meet during the lunch break on Wednesdays through the months September to December.  They have one performance fieldtrip and perform in school at the Remembrance Day and Christmas concerts.

Environment Team (Grades 4-6)

Students work with a teacher mentor to promote environmental responsibility throughout the year.  The students work in teams and each week a different team is responsible for collecting the recycled materials from each classroom.  They use this and other factors to award the "Golden Garbage Can" award to the classroom they deem to be the most responsible for that week.

Erhu (Grades 5-6)

Grade 5 students wishing to join the Erhu club audition in the fall and must make a two year commitment.  Students sign out an Erhu instrument which they will be responsible for those two years.  Practices are weekly for the entire year and the club performs at various school assemblies, concerts and functions.  In addition, they perform in public for Chinese New Year celebrations and other cultural events.

School Patrols (Grades 5-6)

Students patrol throughout the school year with new recruits joining in May.  They are on duty from 8:20 until the entrance bell in the mornings and after school for 15 minutes.

Skipping Club (Grades 1-2)

Runs in the gymnasium twice a week through the months of January and February during the afternoon recess.

Walking Club (Grades 2)

This club operates on Thursdays for 6 - 8 weeks beginning in May and is weather permitting.  Students walk for 20 minutes during the lunch hour through the community under the supervision of staff volunteers.

Library Club (Grades 5-6)

This club runs during the school days at recesses. Students come into the library and get to see first hand how a library is operated.

Student Leadership

There are two students per class in grades 4-6 that come together to help organize inschool activities throughout the year. Some of the things they have done in the past are backwards day, crazy hair day, pajama day and planted flowers in a healing garden. They have also delivered Christmas cards and Valentines cards to our Meadowlark neighbours.



Chinese New Year Celebration

Chinese New Year is a special time for students at Meadowlark School.  The week is filled with Chinese cultural activities which include Chinese paper cutting, knot tying and dough art to name a few.  Every year, Meadowlark School puts on a first class Chinese New Year assembly which showcases our students and their many talents.  Some performances include the dragon and lion dance, erhu and ocarina, and Chinese dancing.      

Floor Hockey Intermurals

Each year during February and March, students in grades 3-6 participate in floor hockey intermurals.  The students are divided into mixed-grade teams and they battle for the Meadowlark Cup!


Activities - After School (Extra Cost)

Art Class

Art class is available to students after school on Thursdays throughout the school year.  Students are introduced to a variety drawing and painting techniques.  This program is very popular and is on a first come, first serve basis.

Chinese Dance Group

This class exposes students to some of the Chinese cultural dancing.  The Chinese Dance group performs during different events throughout the year.

Wu Shu (Kung Fu)

This class is a great way to get your child involved in a fun and challenging sport. This program currently runs after school on Wednesdays.

 e2 Young Engineers

If you have a 'Young Engineer' in grades 2-5 who loves to build (or take things apart...) e2 Young Engineers is a perfect place to help expand his/her knowledge in basic engineering, physics and mathematics to give your child a head start.