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Clubs & Activities

Meadowlark School is excited to announce that we have brought student clubs back into the school!  Meadowlark offers an array of different clubs for students to join in and to experience new and exciting things.    We will be adding new clubs as the year progresses such as Yoga club and Floor hockey.



Students from grades 3-6 from both the Mainstream and the Bilingual program, will have the opportunity to learn the necessary skills to be

able to play chess as well as learning new tricks along the way.  The students will have the opportunity to play traditional chess as well as Chinese Chess.







The Erhu is a Chinese two-stringed bowed instrument used to create beautiful sounds similar to a violin.  Students will be taught by teachers from the school and will be able to use their Erhu at home to practice.  This will be offered to students in grades 5 and 6.


Dragon Dance and Music
Lion Dance and Music

Meadowlark Students will be practicing the Dragon & Lion dance and music to be able to perform for our Chinese New Year celebration.